lundi 11 janvier 2010

GENEALOGY of the Ultima series

Finally, I did what I wanted to do since I launched this blog...
I've been asked a lot of times, but I was still gathering the info.
Please note that I only focused on OFF-ROAD Ultima series.
Kyosho released some on-road cars based on the chassis as well.

For the release years, here's what I have so far:

Ultima 1987
Turbo Ultima 1988
Ultima Pro 1988
Ultima Pro XL 1988
Ultima II 1991
Sideways 1992
Ultima on-road (Nissan 300ZX/911 flatnose/countach/Testarossa/Saurus) 1991
Outlaw Ultima Truck 1991
Turbo Ultima II 1993
Triumph 1993
Pro-X 1994
Ultima RB 1999
Ultima RB Sports Racing 2001
Ultima RB Type-R 2003
Ultima RB Type-R evolution 2004
Ultima RB5 2007
Ultima RB5 SP 2009
Ultima RT5 2009
Ultima SC 2010
Ultima DB 2010

If you think I'm wrong in the above numbers, please send me a mail, or comment.
It's basically the same layout to the optima ligneage you can find on the sister blog, optimahouse.
Please send me a mail if you intend to use this image on your blog, forum, website ;-)

4 commentaires:

Wes a dit…

I may be mistaken, but I think that the "yellow" ULtima 2 was the "Ultima2". I remember the "green" being the Turbo Ultima 2. Std ha plastic(kelron) shocks, while the Turbo got Kyosho Golds. Thanks!

ruedi a dit…

hi ryo,
i have emailed cho (pargu2000) if he can make alloy ultima front wheels which match the turbo optima alloy wheels.
he was very thankfull for this idea.
he said that he need 30 days to produce them.

let us see what happens...

kind regards
ruediger (rocky4wd)

i need your email address....

Optima Builds a dit…

The Triumph was not released in 1993. It was in fact released in september 1991. RC Car Action wrote an article and tested the Triumph in october 1991.

Unknown a dit…

Hi, it is said we need to contact you by email if we want to use the Ultima History picture. But I cannot find any email address in your website. Please contact me at as I would like to get the original picture file for big scale reprint and add missing model ref numbers and release dates for the ultima RB's. Thank you, Alex