mercredi 15 juillet 2009

Tribute to Marwan2: Ultima Pro

I just finished painting and decorating my Ultima Pro nearly box-art.
The differences are the window shapes (more "optima"like on the sides, and more generous at the front - I always felt that Turbo Ultima body has a too small frontal window, so this one is huuuuge compared to the official box-art one), Lazer ZX-R wing stay (UMW-1) and some graphical lines here and there. I also choosed to keep the tail of the original body, as I felt it was more balanced like that. The wing cut is also a bit different, in order to match the bodyshape of the tail. And one can notice the ceiling window as well, mimicking the Optima Mid Custom body (which will follow).
The decals are repro work from Marwan Al Nusif, the body and the wing are from Keith (Kamtec UK). Thanks to both of them for their commitment to Kyosho vintagists! m^_^m

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Jim a dit…

Great site, excellent work. I'm working on rebuilding my first "Real" R/C Car I bought back in 1990, a Kyosho Outlaw Ultima Truck. Do you know any good replacement wheels, possibly made by other companies that would be compatible with the Ultima Truck? Thanks for any information and keep up the great work!
Jim Kennedy
Christiansburg, VA, USA