vendredi 31 juillet 2009

Tribute to Croky_b: the TRIUMPH

I try to keep the pace with the body paintwork; last week Cedric aka Croky_b passed by our office and left a Triumph repro body. This was my next challenge: paint a body that I don't like... (I'm not very fond of the Triumph body nor its box art style).
Here's a little pics digest of the work in progress:

which finally ended like that:

I used decals from the Optima Mid Custom SP (repro by Marwan), Javelin, Optima Pro, Optima, Ultima Pro. I didn't use the official Triumph decals at all because I hate their flash colours and their style in general. If someday I find an Alps MD5000 printer I'll make some custom design Triumph logo, but for now I prefer to keep the car "nameless". The front wheels are Duratrax aluminium for Kyosho (Tamiya Fox/Wild One style), the rear wheels are custom made by an unknown asian guy. (If anybody knows who made them I'm interested). Oddly, the rear tires aren't Tamiya Supergripper Pinspike tires, but a very good quality "goodyear" repros.

The sleek side profile...
I modified a bit the wing (an optima mid one, repro by Keith/Kamtec), because I felt it was placed too high with the original wingstay (UMW-1 which I adore, hence the transparent part in the wing) by cutting the sides and lowered them (pasted with double sided tape to keep a low tech look). This is the kind of thing one can do with reproes (I wouldn't dare doing it with genuine wing)... :-D

I ordered some Tamiya drivers (to be painted) to fit the empty driver seat ;-)

Thanks to Croky_b, Marwan, Keith.

PS: Croky_b, I'm eagerly waiting for your custom made Triumph special undertray! :-D

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Jonathan Leech a dit…

I have an ALPS MD-1000 and would be willing to print you a sticker sheet of whatever decals you want, in exchange for a good scan of Optima and Turbo Optima decal sheets.

Tobbe a dit…

So very, very beautiful!! I really love the colors, it makes the car look simply GREAT!

optimaforever a dit…

Thank you!
I can scan genuine decals at 600dpi if you can print me my custom decals :D

Jonathan Leech a dit…

Great, 600dpi is plenty. I am happy to print your decals in return. I really like your optimahouse and ultimahouse blogs! I don't know how familiar you are with the Alps, it seems the best results come from a multiple-pass approach, each pass a solid color layered over the other. Or you can have it dither the colors. At a minimum the white has to be separated out and printed first. If your decal design is vector-based that makes it a lot easier. I really like the program called inkscape, and it is free. You can contact me at jonathaz at gmail dot com.

optimaforever a dit…

I only know white & colour decals on Alps printer by these web sites:

Jonathan Leech a dit…

Those are all good sites. I found somewhere a document that shows the exact colors possible without dithering; e.g. solid passes of the primary CMY inks. Sticking to those colors + black and white seems to look best. Send me an email when you've got a decal design.

Ernie1 a dit…


I am currently restoring a kyosho thriumph and i as wondering where to get a repro body for it ?

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