mardi 23 juin 2009

1987 Vintage Ultima Ad

From the same drawer, pottok found this ad... Thanks mate!
Prp has posted more infos here

lundi 22 juin 2009

87 Worlds Joel Johnson Ultima

The event that propelled the name Ultima to the RC world's recognition was the winning podium of the '87 offroad Worlds Championship in England. The 3 best places were occupied by Ultima drivers, followed by natural predators Asso's RC10. It was truly a premiere for Kyosho (followed by many victories on 4WD Gas 1/8 Offroad with the Infernoes most notably). The 1st place driver was Joel 'Magic' Johnson, who now works as senior expert for Kyosho USA's RC racing dev department.

- Trinity custom FRP chassis
- Trinity Monster Pure Gold double motor
- Tekin 190 Pro ESC
- Novak Ner2x Receiver
- Sanyo SC Trinity Pack
- Front Kyosho Tomahawk tire, Rear Option House Hard square type
- Thorp Transmission .
- JG shock stays .

But everyone already knows that ;-)
What is left to us today are some old archivals, scanned from vintage magazines... If anybody has more infos on this one, I'll be happy to post them so send me an email :-D

Archive scans by VRC forum goers pottok & prp

jeudi 11 juin 2009

Ultima Bodies repro by Marwan

Hello Ultimaniacs! It's been a while but Marwan did it again!
Finally the wait is over; there's now a source for classic Ultima body repro in Kuwait (along with his previous Turbo Ultima body repro ). Provided are the wing and the decals repro!!! :-O
You still need to find the rollcage set (in black plastic) yet ;-)
Thanks you, Holy Marwan AlNusif aka Integrafan:-D
Of course you can order from him directly.