mardi 4 novembre 2008

Ultimahouse is born!

I hope this place will become a new home for all the Kyosho Ultimaniacs on earth ;-)
Don't hesitate to send me pics of your ultima and related stories, I'd be happy to present them in these columns.
As you perhaps already know, I'm a big fan of the Kyosho Optima but I am a true Ultimaniac too :D

5 commentaires:

Pixel a dit…

Insaaaane :)

Cyril a dit…

I'll be sober and give warm welcome to the new born Ultimahouse!
...mais quand même, oufti;)

optimaforever a dit…

thanks guys!

optima/ultima lover a dit…

another beutiful site for the kyosho ultima lovers. Well done cant wait to see more additions to this site.thanks alot
optima/ultima lover

optima/ultima lover a dit…

how do we send pics of our cars for you to post? you can reach me at i want to contribute to your 2 sites if my cars qualify.
thanks and have a great day.